My Moose Jaw

My Moose Jaw

I want to start off by being completely honest. I love promoting events and activities in Moose Jaw, I however, don’t attend very many myself. When I was asked to do this blog I decided I needed to experience Moose Jaw the way I encourage others to. I want to step out of my 32 years of being a resident and become a “tourist” in my own right. So, instead of heading home last night, putting on my sweat pants, making supper and settling in for the night, I dug out costumes and got the kids ready for the Monster Mash.

The Monster Mash was an event put on by the Moose Jaw Public Library. They had crafts, snacks and a movie, all FREE I might add. My kids were pumped which honestly was enough of a win for me from the get go. We watched a bit of the movie, coloured some Halloween pictures and made all sorts of silly things out of pipe cleaners that nowhere near resembled spiders. All in all a fun way to spend a Tuesday night!

The event was great, but what I took away from the Library was a lot more than I expected. First off, when you walk into the building you are greeted by large marble pillars. What I have learned is that this building has more marble in it than any other building in Saskatchewan, with the exception of the Parliament Buildings. Pretty amazing right? What I found to be even more amazing than that is the Moose Jaw Public Library holds up to SIX FREE events every week. This is a big jump from the 12 a year they used to hold.

These events range from book clubs, author readings, book launches, game nights, movie nights, kids activities, story times and so much more! Where else can you take your family for entertainment that isn’t a park or green space and have it be FREE?!

What I took away from this was that right under my nose in Moose Jaw is a beautiful historic building where I can enjoy some quality time with my kids. I will admit I was ignorant to the idea of a library having so much more to offer than just books! So when looking for something to do in the next 6 months of winter, consider a family night at the Moose Jaw Public Library!

See you around!



Views From the Visitor's Centre

So you’ve met Krista, the woman who keeps the Visitor Centre running smoothly, looking fabulous and ready to greet you! Soon you’ll meet our other staff who are the smiling faces you’ll see when you come to visit.

You’ve met Mac - and you’ll hear much more from our giant guardian of the city. For the strong, silent type, he always seems to have a lot to say!

My name is Jacki L’Heureux-Mason, and I’m the Executive Director at Tourism Moose Jaw. I get the privilege of coordinating the promotional efforts to encourage visitors to our fine city, as well as working with our member organizations to highlight the great number of activities, restaurants, hotels and amenities we have to offer while you’re here. I also get to plan Tourism Moose Jaw’s summer activities.

We have been offering Historic Daytime Trolley Tours and Ghost Tours for more than a decade, and are working to constantly improve and change them. We are working on some new tours, including expanding our fall Cemetery Tours - which we hope to re-launch in the spring. We’ve also been working on some other tours for a long time… and we are hopeful that they could be ready for next year as well!

And for the many people inquiring about the status of the trolley - we are still very hopeful this big project will be successful for the spring! Stay tuned, we will be talking much more about the old girl in the future!

While the fall and winter seasons might seem a little quieter, things are buzzing along here at the Visitor’s Centre! Krista, Mac & I will make sure you’re up on all things Moose Jaw - so check back often!


Photo credit: / David S. Troyer


Now that the seasons are changing and there aren’t as many visitors taking selfies with yours truly, I have some free time. Now I know the ladies inside normally do the weekend activities but I figured I would do my part. So when planning your weekend check out my “MACtivities”.  Shameless plug I know, but I just can’t help myself!

Check with me every Thursday afternoon for a complete list of what’s going on in Moose Jaw for the weekend ahead! Sincerely, Mac the Moose

MACtivities October 12th, 13th and 14th


The Cadors live @ Cask 82


Pumpkin Harvest Festival

Moose Jaw Warriors Home Game

Sukanen Ship Carnival Grotesque

Saskia and Darrel - The Great Plains

Kris Klyne live @ Cask 82


Tourism Moose Jaw Cemetery Tours

Steak Night Fundraiser for Flirting with Fido at Cornerstone Bar & Grill

For more information about these events please visit

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My Moose Jaw

Hi there, my name is Krista and I am head of Visitor Services at Tourism Moose Jaw. In my blog I would like to share with you the local places I think are worth a visit, activities and events that stand out around town and some of the visitors that I get to meet!

First off, I want to tell you a bit about the beautiful building I get to work in! For most people living in Moose Jaw, the Visitor Information Centre isn’t probably the first place you’d think to go. The first time I ever stepped foot in it was for my job interview! What I was met with was far above my expectations.

Inside you will see our “Mini City”, there is replicas of iconic buildings in Moose Jaw like City Hall, Temple Gardens and The Tunnels of Moose Jaw. It is all finished off with a 60% scale of CPR Empress Train #2816.

We have gorgeous photos from the Moose Jaw Camera Club that hang all over the Centre. They showcase our wonderful little city in the prairies and some of the amazing talent we have living here.

We are firm believers in “Supporting Local” whenever possible so, in our gift shop you will find lots of local products to enjoy. Ranging from art to books and even soup!

We also offer a lot of services here, one of them being Welcome Packages. If you have a large group of people coming to Moose Jaw for a sports event, convention or even a wedding, we will make each of your guests a customizable welcome package!

There is also places to picnic outside, office space to rent, bathrooms to use (the cleanest on the #1 Highway we’ve been told) and all sorts of FREE literature and maps! All of this is wrapped up in a building that’s been modeled after the Temple Gardens Dance Hall.

Whether you live in Moose Jaw or you are a visitor, I invite you to stop in and say hello, maybe you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was!

My blog pic (2).PNG

Let Me Introduce Mooself!

And so it begins. An endless list of amoosing words, highlighting my obvious moose-ness. It’s kind of fun, really. Moostering up the creativity to find new and moosterious ways to incorporate moose into all sorts of other words. Surprisingly fun!

Oh, by the way - my name is Mac. Mac the Moose. You may have seen my picture somewhere on the world wide web. You might have even stopped by at some point to take a selfie with me! That’s what the kids are calling it these days, right?

I’ve been living in Moose Jaw since 1984, ever since some smart people thought that our city deserved a mascot! I’ll tell you more about that next week. But getting back to that selfie thing, we would love to see your moost beautiful faces while taking a picture with little old me! (I guess I’m not really that little, at just over 32 feet tall!) If you’re ok with us posting them on our blog and social media once in a while, use the #iMetMac whenever you post it somewhere!

Well, it looks as though the highway is getting pretty busy for the long weekend - so Happy Thanksgiving to all you travellers, and safe journeys! We sure hope to see you soon!

What is Tourism Moose Jaw?


Tourism Moose Jaw is not-for-profit membership driven organization with an ever-growing number of members, at present standing over 150.

Our Visitor Centre is the first point of contact for many visitors and potential visitors to the city.  Face-to-face, by email, over the phone, website, social media or through one of thousands of fulfillment packages sent out annually, our job is to present Moose Jaw to our guests convincing them to make us their destination or to extend their stay.

What does it mean to be a not-for-profit member organization?  Our member’s represent both tourism related businesses and those service businesses that recognize the importance of tourism in the community.

At the head is a Board of Directors comprised of representatives of 13 member businesses.

About Tourism Moose Jaw

Tourism Moose Jaw Inc. was incorporated on February 19, 1991.  Prior to that a number of very capable organizations had carried the tourism flag.  As the city moved towards destination status, a separate organization devoted entirely to tourism, made more sense. 

The original Visitor Centre was located west of the present location, along the Trans-Canada highway.  In 2003, the new facility was built.  Fashioned after the famous Temple Gardens Dance Hall from the 1920s, it was quickly recognized as one of the most unique Visitor Centre’s in Canada. 

With the relocation of Mac the Moose, in 2004, to the new centre and the installment of the Snowbird Tutor Jet in 2009, travelers on the Trans-Canada know immediately that Moose Jaw is living up to its brand, “Surprisingly Unexpected”.