No More Moosing Around, Time to Get Serious.


Good morning,

I am humbled by the incredible outpouring of support over the last week and a half. I’m flattered - I haven’t had this much attention since mating season.

It shows that when you mess with a Moose Jaw moose -  our herd WILL BE heard loud and clear across the province, the country and around the world. 

I know there have been questions:

-         Should we take measures to make me taller and reclaim my former status as “World’s Tallest Moose”?

-         And, If so, how should it be done?

Before I address those,

I need to thank all who had a hand in creating this world-wide notoriety:

-         Outdoor Canada

-         Justin and Greg

-         Mayor Tolmie and the entire City of Moose Jaw

-         Gair Maxwell for spreading the word in Chicago and New Orleans

-         Local, National and International Media

-         Anyone who liked, shared, tweeted and retweeted this story.

-         And finally, my friends and caretakers at Tourism Moose Jaw


for the continued care and moose maintenance over the last 15 years. Whatever happens, they will be the ones guiding this process.

The world needs to know – I am not ashamed of my size, nor should anyone else be. But this is not a size issue – it’s a pride issue.

I bear no grudge against my shiny, Clovenhoof counterpart Storelglen. But much like my natural enemy the bear, his Norwegian creators stalked me with predatory purpose, horning in on my territory.

 To borrow a term from one of my animal friends: when you mess with the moose, you get the antlers!  

And it was actually a phrase from Norway that inspired me to the decision I am making today: The famous Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen once wrote “A forest bird never wants a cage”. And like that forest bird, a Moose Jaw moose never wants to be held back

So I, Mac The Moose, hereby give permission for my Tourism Moose Jaw caretakers to take me to new, record-breaking heights!

How this happens will be their decision – it could be any of thousands of suggestions that have come forward. I love to skate,  I’d be proud to wear a Mountie stetson, and I wouldn’t even mind being fitted for stilettos – though with our winters that may not be the most sensible option.

What I do know is that with the a-Moosing community support that has already been shown, and likely more to come, one way or another I will soon reclaim my status as the “World’s Largest Moose.”

Photo Credit to Les Chelle Photography

Photo Credit to Les Chelle Photography