Making Moose Tracks, Fall Essentials Downtown

I guess we should start with a little bit of an introduction. This blog will be co-written by two Tourism Moose Jaw employees, Everley Reid and Lynette Biech. We have bonded at work over our love of food, but other than a passion for eating and a love of Moose Jaw and animals, we are very different. I (Everley), am generally a girly girl. I love shopping and clothes. Lynette loves all things sports, she is a die-hard Rider fan and you can catch her at every single Warrior game. I am in my twenties, Lynette is in her forties. You probably get the point; we are two very different women with very different perspectives. So we hope that this blog can give tourists an idea of what Moose Jaw is like, through the eyes of two very different ladies!

It’s fall! Fall is my favourite season and I am so excited to write about it! To get ready for fall, Lynette and I took a tour of the shops downtown. We went in to some favourites and some that we had never been in before. I can honestly say that I was thoroughly surprised and impressed.

We started out at Cranberry Rose Collective, which I had not been in since the new owner took over. As soon as we walked in, I was in retail heaven. There was boho decor that I wanted to furnish my whole house in, a great selection of local and natural products, cute cards (that all of my friends can expect for their birthdays) and clothes for every occasion from everyday to business wear. I can safely say that I will be back (with my wallet). Next we went into Gingerbread Square and again I was under the impression that I wouldn’t find anything that I would like, because I thought that they mainly carried clothing for older ladies, but as soon as we stepped inside I spotted some purses and sweaters that I loved. Next, we were off to Bella Chic, and Lynette had to practically drag me out of there. I kept going from rack to rack saying things like “ooh I love this,” and “Lyn come feel how soft this is.” They had all of the trendy fall essentials that my heart desires.

Our last stop was Gemmel’s and am very biased in my opinion of them, because I buy most of my shoes there. If I could give you one fall recommendation from there, it would be a pair of Blundstones. I wear mine everywhere, in fact, I am actually wearing mine as I write this. The staff at Gemmel’s are always so helpful, and they make sure that when you walk out of there, it is in a pair of shoes that fits you properly. On our little ladies shopping trip, I found more than I ever expected to.

I often hear Moose Javians say that they do all of their shopping in Regina, but I think that this is a mistake. Lyn and I spent less than an hour downtown and I found more fall outfits than I will have time to wear this season. I cannot recommend checking out the shops downtown enough! Serious, whether you’re a tourist or a local, head downtown and look around, I can guarantee you’ll find something you like!

            Well I am the second half of the blog, Lynette.  Everley has done a fantastic job of describing us both so I can get right into blogging!  As she stated we had a wonderful experience yesterday looking through some of our downtown Moose Jaw shops.  One thing that struck me as we went place to place was the friendliness that all the staff in the stores exhibited.  Although we are now the Notorious City, there is still a foundation for a past brand “The Friendly City.”  At every store, we got a personal greeting!  That in itself enhances your shopping experience right off the bat! 

As Everley mentioned, we found so many unique items in each store we went in.  One highlight for me was stepping into Pharmasave Drugs and finding out that they carried a unique line of Moose Jaw T-shirts.  Working at Tourism has shown me that Moose Jaw shirts are a very popular item with the average tourist.  Pharmasave has a unique line that includes everything from “Little Chicago” t-shirts to “Saskatchewan Air Show” t-shirts and everything in between!  It is always exciting to be able to send tourists to different shops in Moose Jaw in order to satisfy their craving for “The Perfect Moose Jaw Shirt!”

Cranberry Rose Collective has a wide variety of items including clothing, jewelry, honey and even homemade greeting cards. Something to keep in mind with Christmas Shopping right around the corner.  Bella Chic and Gingerbread Square both have some very beautiful clothes. Lots of dress wear for those fancy Christmas Galas coming up in the months ahead. Gemmell’s has so many cute winter shoes and boots! Defiantly worth a visit to try on a few styles!

As previously stated it was wonderful to go into so many of Moose Jaw’s unique downtown shops. Whether you are a tourist or a Moose Javian, I encourage you to take a few hours out of your day and head downtown to explore what Moose Jaw has to offer! I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!  Until next time!

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