Simba The Office Cat - My Moose Jaw

Miss. Simba has been our office cat for just over a year now. She is sassy, rough around the edges and demanding when it comes to meal time. Holding a meeting with her in the room always seems like a good idea, until you’re the one taking the minutes and she chooses your work book to curl up on. She didn’t always have the easiest life, but it is easy to see now that she rules the roost here and is loved by us all so much.

When Simba was picked up by SCRAPS she was in pretty rough shape. It was clear she had recently had a litter of kittens (unfortunately they were never found) and was in need of some help. They scooped her up, treated her infection and placed her in a loving foster home where, for probably the first time in her life, she didn’t have to fight and work every day for survival.

Being on the edge of town with the wide open prairie literally steps away comes with its small issues. Wind gusts that cut through you in the middle of winter and take your breath away, lots of floating garbage that rolls into the lot and probably our least favourite thing, mice. They can be hard little pests to keep away, especially when fall rolls around with cooler temperatures. We came up with a plan to combat them. Keeping community in mind, we contacted SCRAPS for their help.

At first we had looked at the option of a small orange kitten. Probably one of the cutest little creatures I have ever seen. However, after some deliberation the decision was made to give a cat, like Simba, who might not be the easiest to adopt out, a home of their own. SCRAPS brought Simba in for a trial and I am confident in saying within the first 5 minutes, we knew she was the right cat for the job!

We can’t thank SCRAPS enough for all the hard work they do. They are non-profit and volunteer run which has its own uphill battles at times, but they make it work. When looking for a new feline friend to add to your home, please consider adoption. Fostering these cats is also an excellent way to help.

Tourism Moose Jaw would also like to thank Paws N’ Play Grooming and Boutique. While we closed for the Holidays they housed our little office cat and returned her freshly bathed and nails trimmed! They offer a lot of services here in Moose Jaw for your pets. They have doggy daycare, grooming and of course cat boarding! If you are coming into Moose Jaw to take in the sights and attractions but have your furry family member with you, give Paws N’ Play a call, they have great drop in options. Thank you ladies for looking after Simba.

See you around,


Simba our beloved office cat.

Simba our beloved office cat.