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Welcome to Rosie’s

Located on the once infamous River Street is a quaint little restaurant with great atmosphere and food to match. Rosie’s on River Street serves up elevated pub food utilizing local ingredients when possible. On their menu, you will find Gravelbourg Mustard and Coteau Hills Creamery Cheese. Behind the bar you will find Last Mountain Distillery, Churchill Brewing and Moose Jaw’s own Prairie Bee Meadery.

Their menu ranges from Shopsy Hot Dogs to a Cuban Sandwich, a great list of appetizers and arguably the best French Onion soup in Moose Jaw. Their burgers are what they are most known for. Taking home the “Best Burger” in Moose Jaw award for 2018 speaks for itself! Topped with an assortment of fresh and comforting ingredients, they will satisfy any burger craving you have.

Great food and local ingredients aside, the décor is funky, eclectic and unique all at once. With ceiling tiles painted for local sports teams and businesses, numerous collections displayed and their mascot moose hanging behind the bar (if you want a good story, ask the owner about the moose) it is truly one of a kind. When the weather is warm, nothing beats a cold drink on their patio.

Perhaps my favourite thing about Rosie’s is how it got its name. Rosie Dale was one badass woman back in the day. She ran a brothel, and when confronted by the crooked police chief for his cut of her profits she packed up shop and took it out of Moose Jaw’s city limits. Seems like an easy way to lose some of your business, right? Well Rosie had that part figured out. She would send her unmanned horses into town to pick up “Johns”. The horses would then take them out to her business and when they were done, they would be returned to town on those very same horses. Now that’s an entrepreneurial spirit!

This story has been my favourite one to tell since I started here at Tourism Moose Jaw and Rosie’s on River Street is always a favourite around our office with the summer students and tourists. Next chance you get, give Rosie’s a try, I promise it will not disappoint!

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