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Shopping at a Store with a Door

“Shop at a store with a door” is a phrase I am sure you have probably heard around Moose Jaw lately. The whole idea is to get people to shop less online and focus more on the great stores you have in your own city. It supports community growth and opens up opportunities for more small business.

For me, shopping isn’t one of those activities that hit the top of my list. What can make this better for me are friendly staff, well organized stores and one of a kind treasures that are most often found in smaller more local shops.

When I started this Blog one of the goals I had for myself was to get out and see what Moose Jaw has to offer. Experience the city like I encourage visitors to do. This week I decided to go check out a business I hadn’t been to before. That led me to Real Deals on Home Décor Moose Jaw.

Walking in to the store I was immediately blown away, the displays set up all around are so well done. Filled with groupings of home décor and Christmas decorations, they showcase how you would put these items together in your own home. Whether your taste is country, contemporary or more classic you will find something here that will go perfectly with your style.

Aside from Home Décor they have a ladies clothing section. Mannequins adorned with carefully selected outfits are placed all around, giving you ideas of pairings you might not put together on your own. I should also mention their sizing is from small to 3x, giving lots of variety.

You can also find novelty socks with sayings like “Mama Bear” on the sole, sunglasses, jewellery, candles and any Christmas decoration you could ever want to buy, all arranged in colour and style for easy matching.

Located at 30 McKenzie Lane, Real Deals is a little off the beaten path but so worth a visit. I can guarantee you will be pleased with the well laid out show room and friendly staff.

I would like to wish owners Jerri-Lynn and Sean congratulations on their 2nd Birthday! Also a special thank you to Jerri-Lynn for showing me around.

Happy shopping at “a store with a door!”

See you around,


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