My Moose Jaw

My Moose Jaw

I want to start off by being completely honest. I love promoting events and activities in Moose Jaw, I however, don’t attend very many myself. When I was asked to do this blog I decided I needed to experience Moose Jaw the way I encourage others to. I want to step out of my 32 years of being a resident and become a “tourist” in my own right. So, instead of heading home last night, putting on my sweat pants, making supper and settling in for the night, I dug out costumes and got the kids ready for the Monster Mash.

The Monster Mash was an event put on by the Moose Jaw Public Library. They had crafts, snacks and a movie, all FREE I might add. My kids were pumped which honestly was enough of a win for me from the get go. We watched a bit of the movie, coloured some Halloween pictures and made all sorts of silly things out of pipe cleaners that nowhere near resembled spiders. All in all a fun way to spend a Tuesday night!

The event was great, but what I took away from the Library was a lot more than I expected. First off, when you walk into the building you are greeted by large marble pillars. What I have learned is that this building has more marble in it than any other building in Saskatchewan, with the exception of the Parliament Buildings. Pretty amazing right? What I found to be even more amazing than that is the Moose Jaw Public Library holds up to SIX FREE events every week. This is a big jump from the 12 a year they used to hold.

These events range from book clubs, author readings, book launches, game nights, movie nights, kids activities, story times and so much more! Where else can you take your family for entertainment that isn’t a park or green space and have it be FREE?!

What I took away from this was that right under my nose in Moose Jaw is a beautiful historic building where I can enjoy some quality time with my kids. I will admit I was ignorant to the idea of a library having so much more to offer than just books! So when looking for something to do in the next 6 months of winter, consider a family night at the Moose Jaw Public Library!

See you around!