Views From the Visitor's Centre

So you’ve met Krista, the woman who keeps the Visitor Centre running smoothly, looking fabulous and ready to greet you! Soon you’ll meet our other staff who are the smiling faces you’ll see when you come to visit.

You’ve met Mac - and you’ll hear much more from our giant guardian of the city. For the strong, silent type, he always seems to have a lot to say!

My name is Jacki L’Heureux-Mason, and I’m the Executive Director at Tourism Moose Jaw. I get the privilege of coordinating the promotional efforts to encourage visitors to our fine city, as well as working with our member organizations to highlight the great number of activities, restaurants, hotels and amenities we have to offer while you’re here. I also get to plan Tourism Moose Jaw’s summer activities.

We have been offering Historic Daytime Trolley Tours and Ghost Tours for more than a decade, and are working to constantly improve and change them. We are working on some new tours, including expanding our fall Cemetery Tours - which we hope to re-launch in the spring. We’ve also been working on some other tours for a long time… and we are hopeful that they could be ready for next year as well!

And for the many people inquiring about the status of the trolley - we are still very hopeful this big project will be successful for the spring! Stay tuned, we will be talking much more about the old girl in the future!

While the fall and winter seasons might seem a little quieter, things are buzzing along here at the Visitor’s Centre! Krista, Mac & I will make sure you’re up on all things Moose Jaw - so check back often!


Photo credit: / David S. Troyer